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8 thoughts on “ Repression

  1. Shaktilrajas says:
    Repression, in psychoanalytic theory, the exclusion of distressing memories, thoughts, or feelings from the conscious mind. Often involving sexual or aggressive urges or painful childhood memories, these unwanted mental contents are pushed into the unconscious mind.
  2. 1 day ago · “The worsening repression is linked to the macroeconomic instability the country is going through,” said Marisa Lourenço, a southern Africa analyst at consultancy firm Control Risks.
  3. Fenrilrajas says:
    Synonyms for repression at inexscapcomdamarsireconcibumbmor.coinfo with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. Find descriptive alternatives for repression.
  4. Grojinn says:
    Tuvok investigates a series of assaults that are apparently targeted at the former Maquis aboard Voyager. A Bajoran man is performing an incantation while looking at the schematics of Voyager and looking through its crew manifest, scrolling through the profiles of the former crew of the Val inexscapcomdamarsireconcibumbmor.coinfoed by: Winrich Kolbe.
  5. Goltilrajas says:
    Repression Repression is an unconscious defense mechanism employed by the ego to keep disturbing or threatening thoughts from becoming conscious. Thoughts that are often repressed are those that would result in feelings of guilt from the superego.
  6. Repression: the checking of one's true feelings and impulses when dealing with others. Synonyms: constraint, continence, discipline Antonyms: disinhibition, incontinence, unconstraint.
  7. Mozilkree says:
    to keep under control, check, or suppress (desires, feelings, actions, tears, etc.). to keep down or suppress (anything objectionable). to put down or quell (sedition, disorder, etc.). to reduce (persons) .
  8. Daiktilar says:
    Repression is a type of psychological defense mechanism that involves keeping certain thoughts, feelings, or urges out of conscious awareness. The goal of this form of defense is to keep unacceptable desires or thoughts out of the conscious mind in order to prevent or minimize feelings of anxiety. How does repression work?

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